The Recreational Hypnosis Community

The community is for all those interested in the world of hypnosis, not just professionals in the field.

Enjoy stage hypnosis shows? Find hypnosis on TV shows interesting? This is the community for you run by those who have the same interest.

Members include Stage Hypnotists, Subjects, Therapists and the curious wanting to chat about all things hypnosis.

The community is 18+ currently due to laws against stage hypnosis under certain age in some countries (Such at the UK) and to protect minors from cyberstalking. This rule may be relaxed once STRICT measures are put in place to protect them, but at present will remain.

The site offer video chat, profiles, upload of videos and since it is run by volunteers, is a FREE site.

Members must be at least 18 years old but must ensure material posted is suitable for general public viewing

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